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We help you "connect" and stay "connected" with the Digital World with a "Human" touch!

What we do

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u-factor Cloud and Digital is a 100% Digital and Cloud technology. We believe that every company has the mission to thrive in the new Cloud and Digital era and we are here to share our experience to make the transition with you.

u-factor Build

We design, test and build solutions. Using Design principles from IDEO Design Thinking and Human Centered Design.

u-factor Solutions

Based on our experience and on other customer requests, we build a set of solutions which are ready to be adapted and installed in your environment. IoT, Indoor Location and others are some examples.

u-factor Big Data Engineering

“Data is the new Gold”. In u-factor we help customers collect data, create Scalable Pipelines and extract meaningfull information from it using analytics cloud platforms or aplying Machine Leraning for predictive information.

u-factor Partnerships

We trust on a key set of technology partners and we develop our solutions around them. We live in a world interconnected so it’s crucial to have the right partners for all the areas where we have a strong presence.

u-factor AIoT

Today, around 50b devices are connected to the internet, from smartphones to watches to fridges. But only around 1% of the data is being analysed. Cloud computing is the new norm, but in many applications decisions need to be done in the edge so AI applied to the IoT is becoming a key factor.

What we’re dedicated to

Our mission is a company made of people and for people.
Our focus is to create solutions that address people and companies problems using the right technology and processes to achieve it.
Passion, Customer Focus, Dedication, Resilience and Continuous learning are some of the values we believe.
Talk to us, challenge us or work with us to find out who we are.


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Our biggest value are people

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Our team is young and eager to tackle any customer problem or requirement. We have a "Uman" touch approach to all problems and we use technology to find the best solution

Rui Brás Fernandes

Co-Founder, CEO/CTO

Johny Miro

FullStack Developer

Duarte Matos

FrontEnd Developer

Diogo Magalhães

FrontEnd&Mobile Developer

Rita Briosa

FrontEnd Developer

João Sousa

FrontEnd Developer Intern

Sérgio Belfo

FrontEnd Developer Intern

Our customer reviews


A company that seeks to know our expectations in depth, add brightness to them and translate them into reality! More than a partner, part of the team.
Joana Clemente | Hepo General Manager, ONG




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